SpherePlay’s New Experience Manager Enables Real-Time Customization of VR Experience

MONTREAL — March 26, 2018 — SpherePlay, developer of the leading VR platform for publishers and broadcasters, today introduced the new Experience Manager console for the company’s innovative Launcher virtual reality (VR) media player. Making its debut at the 2018 NAB Show, Experience Manager makes it easy for broadcasters, publishers, and other content providers to create and customize VR content. Intuitive controls guide users through the process of uploading content, sharing the unique MediaID associated with the content, and enriching the VR video experience on the fly — even as end users watch the creation.

“While other CMS and media players confine content providers to delivering a static scene similar to a conventional linear television feed, Experience Manager offers exceptional flexibility in tailoring and enhancing dynamic and interactive content,” said Christian Eve-Lévesque, CEO at SpherePlay. “Because we’ve already built, tested, and deployed an easy-to-integrate SDK for Launcher and Experience Manager, users can deliver new VR offerings quickly and easily, confident that they have the tools to deliver this content at a high quality and with the interactive features that keep viewers coming back for more.”

Options for real-time customization include selecting from different cameras and multiple video feeds, changing the background image, and adding or removing widgets for elements such as the game score, a chat room, web browsing, and more. Experience Manager also includes a monetization tool that enables users to incorporate an integrated revenue generator into the VR experience. These powerful capabilities of Experience Manager make it easy to create and monetize VR experiences in real time.

Enabling an unparalleled degree of customization of the VR experience, Experience Manager helps content providers extend engagement and viewing times. Experience Manager delivers further valuable functionality by supporting tasks including account management, the uploading of media file links, creation of licenses for various products, review of basic data analytics, creation of assets, customization of the virtual menu, and testing and/or integration.

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