SynAudCon Releases New Online Training Course for Speech Intelligibility

Speech Intelligibility Course SynAudConSynAudCon released a new online training course, “Course 140 – Speech Intelligibility for Public Address Systems.” The new course will be available online through the SynAudCon website here.

Course 140, “Speech Intelligibility for Public Address Systems,” is designed for audio professionals who install public address systems. The course is approved for Renewal Units and CEDIA CEUs. Course 140 includes instructional videos, lectures, demos, interactive calculators and case studies. Video transcriptions, a reference manual and self-evaluation quizzes are also included in the course purchase. The developer of the new course, Pat Brown, said the course “is near and dear to his heart because it was a system with a speech intelligibility problem that launched his career in audio nearly 5 decades ago.”

The foundational document for this course is Sound System Engineering by Don Davis, Dr. Eugene Patronis and Pat Brown. It is in its fourth edition. To date, no core principles regarding speech intelligibility have changed over the past 50 years.

“General and emergency announcements don’t get a second chance. Clear, coherent speech is paramount. When speech intelligibility is vital, there are certain rules that cannot be violated,” said Pat Brown of SynAudCon. “Speech intelligibility requires the establishment of some minimum ratios between the early and late energy and the noise from the environment.”