Spectrum Industries Inc. Innovates Sleek and AV-Ready Lectern

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI. March 6, 2019 – Spectrum Industries Inc. is proud to introduce its newest lectern, the SLIM Lectern.

The SLIM Lectern is Spectrum’s thinnest, sleekest, lectern that can convert any classroom into a lecture hall. Its two shelves can store and hold laptops, iPads, and other learning materials for seamless
transitions from topic to topic. In addition, the SLIM Lectern features AV cutouts and rack units so that technology can simply be integrated.

“The SLIM Lectern is our newest lectern that is not only elegant, but includes the features our customers expect from us,” stated Mat Bresina, Spectrum’s Designer of the SLIM Lectern. “In addition, the SLIM Lectern’s optional slide in rack cube allows the customer to pack six RUs of AV equipment into a small, sleek lectern. There is no other compact lectern on the market that allows the user to include this much AV equipment.”

Spectrum’s newest lectern is available in a variety colors from Spectrum’s Expressions Line allowing you to match your slim, high profile designed lectern to your school’s colors. Its light weight, mobile body, features casters that provide flexibility in every classroom environment.

“The small footprint of the SLIM Lectern can fit into any classroom or speaking space,” Bresina stated.