Southern Specialties to show their Agilis line of kiosks powered by Elo touchscreens in the Shuttle Computer booth at DSE.

Tulsa, Okla. (March 27, 2017)– Southern Specialties (SSC) a kiosk solution and manufacturing corporation, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma is pleased to announce  their presentation of the newly designed Agilis DS 22” and 42” kiosk enclosures at the Digital Signage Expo Show in Las Vegas March 28-31.

A full lineup of our kiosks will be on display in booth #556 at the Digital Signage Expo, March 29-30, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Shuttle Computers will also have a working unit in their booth (#754) powered by an Elo 22” touchscreen.

The Agilis DS kiosks are the newest extension of SSC’s Agilis kiosk offerings and are configured specifically to be a truly modular and cost-effective solution for your Digital Signage needs. The Agilis kiosk is a stand-alone enclosure platform that can also incorporate more traditional kiosk components such as printers, keyboards or payments solutions thereby creating a full-transactional kiosk solution. The Agilis DS 22” and 42” kiosks have been paired with Elo touch displays, Shuttle Computers and DynaTouch browser and application software highlighting Southern Specialties’ commitment to working with the Digital Signage and Kiosk Industry’s best component suppliers.

Southern Specialties General Manager Hayden Davis said, “The Southern Specialties team is proud to work with Shuttle, Elo and DynaTouch to show some of the best suppliers in the industry. The new and elegant line of Digital Signage solutions at the most competitive price in the industry.  As a lean manufacturer, we are always pushing ourselves to improve and exceed our customer’s expectations.  High quality products delivered on-time, free of defects along with responsive customer service is what defines us as a company.”

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