SoundTube Entertainment Adds Flangeless Grilles for Many SoundTube CM In-Ceiling Speakers

soundtube entertainment flangeless grilles

SoundTube Entertainment just announced flangeless grilles for many of the SoundTube CM in-ceiling speakers. Using a magnetic attachment with an additional clip-on safety harness, the grilles are still UL approved and are now standard on the CM-BGM-II series and are available as an option on the CMi series of speakers.

The CM speakers are designed specifically for low and suspended ceilings. SpeedWing constant-tension mounting ensures rapid installation. Using BroadBeam technology CMi and CM-BGM-II speakers greatly expand the coverage area providing full frequency dispersion thus less speakers are needed.

CMi series speakers have an adjustable output using a low insertion-loss transformer for use in 25V, 70.7V and 100V systems. Tile bridge, magnetic grille, euro-blocks and paint masks are included with each speaker. CMi speakers are designed to sonically match SoundTube’s RSi and SMi speakers for applications requiring a combination of hanging and mounted speakers.