Soundproof Studios Announces Custom Recording Studio Doors and Windows

soundproof studios

Soundproof Studios provides custom recording studio doors and windows for professional commercial or home studios that require soundproofing. The soundproof sliding glass doors have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) value of up to 65 – the equivalent in absorbing as much sound as recording studio walls – and can dramatically block low frequencies (40dB @ 80 Hz). STC ratings are used for doors, windows, walls, and most building materials, with a higher rating indicating a greater ability to stop noise intrusion. The average STC rating on the market today ranges from 33-47.

A new door frame design preserves double-wall sound isolation. In fact, the soundproof doors perform better and are more economical than steel doors.

All recording studio door panels are removable so studio engineers or homeowners can utilize the full door opening width when needed. Studio sliding glass doors in multi-track telescoping configurations can also optimize the use of space. Wider doors are available for any given rough opening size.

In addition to soundproof doors, the company also customizes recording studio soundproof windows that can achieve up to an STC value of 64. These consist of two independent fixed windows on each side of the window opening. Each window can be installed vertically or slanted.

Here are some more details: