Sound System Tech Conference from SynAudCon Scheduled for October 10-11, 2019 in Harrisburg, Penn.

SynAudCon announces two-day live training seminar “Sound System Tech” instructed by Pat Brown. The event will be held at Messiah College, in Mechanicsburg, Penn. (eight miles outside of Harrisburg, Penn.). Course attendees will receive 16 Renewal Units, 10 CEDIA CEUs, a one-year SynAudCon Membership, full course materials and certificate of completion.

Pat Brown will present solid, efficient methods on how to interface and optimize sound systems, including analog and digital interfaces, gain structure, grounding and basic equalization principles. Attendees will learn the “why and how” behind the numbers in a logical way through demonstrations and analogies. As the name implies, this is the technical part of audio, essential for making sure the audio system’s potential is fully realized.

“I will demonstrate an optimized method for the technical tuning of a sound system; a method that is efficient, logical, and repeatable,” says Pat Brown when asked about his overall intentions for the course. “I know time is money; I’ll show you how to get it done quickly and correctly.”

Sound System Tech was designed with the audio professional in mind; more specifically, those who install, configure and tune sound reinforcement systems. Sound System Tech presents a wealth of information and is open to all who wish to gain valuable sound reinforcement knowledge. To register and more detailed information, visit here or call Brenda (812) 923-0174.

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