Sound Devices Wins Stellar Service Gold Award for Best Tech Support from Systems Contractor News

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REEDSBURG, WI, June 6, 2024 — Sound Devices announces that its Service and Support Teams have been honored with a Gold Award for Best Tech Support from Systems Contractor News as part of the publication’s 2024 Stellar Service Awards. The Stellar Service Awards recognize standout service providers amongst manufacturers, distributors, and integrators in the industry and are voted upon by the readership of Systems Contractor News annually. 

“We’re incredibly proud to see our service and support departments honored with this award,” said Sound Devices CEO Matt Anderson. “This is a testament to the rock-solid work that they’ve done for over two decades and the trusting relationships they’ve formed with our long-time Sound Devices users.”

Behind the scenes with an award-winning team
Sound Devices service and support departments are unique in the industry in that they still actively service products from the entire lifetime of the company, going back to its founding in 1998. This type of long-term support requires highly skilled technicians with a knowledge of hardware and software technology dating back several generations in terms of audio and computer technology. “Sound Devices legacy products that were introduced to the market over 25 years ago are still relevant today and used in a variety of applications by amateurs and professionals around the world,” explains Sound Devices Director of Technical Services Randy Woodworth. “This means that our Technical Support Reps and Service Technicians must remain fluent with the older equipment while adapting to new technology. It also presents us with the challenge of maintaining an extensive inventory of parts that allows us to service every product that we’ve sold.”

“Our customers love Sound Devices products and know that they can depend on us to support, maintain, and preserve their investments.”

The team of service and support technicians operate in a highly collaborative fashion across department lines to ensure that each customer ticket receives individualized attention. Doing so ensures the full breadth of company experience can be utilized to problem-solve. “We’re very hands-on with each unit and there is a lot of collaboration that occurs behind the scenes,” says Sound Devices Support Team Manager Danny Greenwald. “We’re all interested in each other’s repairs and can work faster because we’re a tight team together.”

“There’s an immediate relationship between the service and support sides and that ultimately benefits our customers because it means they’re able to rely on that combined experience to service these products.”

Personalized service, industry-leading warranty support
The collaboration also extends between offices, as the team in Reedsburg, WI communicates and collaborates regularly with their colleagues in Watford, UK. For UK customers, this has organically resulted in in-person sessions with Watford’s experienced techs who can also be informed by the engineers in the United States. “Due to our proximity to London, it’s become a handy way for us to add another layer of service to our customers,” says Sound Devices Technical Support Representative Harri Kimonos. “Even still, we benefit from the hive mind and can easily call on our experts like Gary Trenda, Paul Isaacs, Kish Patel, and our entire QA team to solve any problem our customers run into.”

“Ultimately we want them to leave their experience with us knowing that they can rely on us just like they can rely on our products.”

A major factor in the long-term reliability of Sound Devices products is how the company provides warranty support. Sound Devices offers a two-year factory warranty on all registered products. If a unit is brought in for repairs, Sound Devices’ technicians conduct rigorous testing and return it to factory specs once the unit has been fixed to ensure its longevity. The product is then returned to the customer with an additional one-year Service Warranty as an added layer of protection. “We all have experience in the industry, and we know how attached people get to their workflows with technology,” says Greenwald. “Given that, it’s incredibly important that these units work when they are supposed to and continue to work for the long haul on these high-pressure jobs.”

“That’s why we offer these Service Warranties. We want our customers to know that we understand their needs and are just as invested as they are in keeping this gear in the field.”

“It’s really heartening as a team to see our customers take the time to recognize us with an award like this,” concludes Woodworth. “We love that we’re able to help them problem-solve every day and we’re happy to stay in the trenches with them as long as it takes to get their gear working and back out in the field.”

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About Sound Devices:
For more than 25 years, Sound Devices has created premier audio equipment that helps sound professionals capture superior audio. The company’s products have been used for an array of applications, from award-winning feature films and television shows, to live events, houses of worship, and educational applications. Sound Devices designs, assembles, and supports its products at their Reedsburg, Wisconsin, headquarters and their Madison, Wisconsin, and Rickmansworth, UK, offices.


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