Sound Devices Releases New Digital Wireless Receiver, Digital Wireless Transmitter

sound devices a20 nexus go

Sound Devices has launched the A20-Nexus Go digital wireless receiver and the A20-TX digital wireless transmitter. Designed to “streamline wireless audio processes,” Sound Devices says the products bring innovative features like its proprietary SpectraBand, GainForward and NexLink technology into a versatile ecosystem of portable, rugged and wireless audio devices that function across a variety of live and recorded sound applications anywhere in the world. A20-Nexus Go is available now from MSRP $8495, and A20-TX from MSRP $2450.

A20-Nexus Go is a portable four-, six-, or eight-channel wireless receiver ideal for mobile rigs and fast-moving production. Users can scan a global tuning range of 169 – 1525 MHz with Sound Devices’ SpectraBand technology to quickly find clean and open frequencies anywhere in the world, and assign transmitters to those frequencies using A20-Nexus Go’s AutoAssign function, adjust transmitter gain as needed directly from the receiver using GainForward, and keep tabs on any potential RF difficulties with A20-Nexus Go’s integrated Real-Time Frequency Analysis (RTSA) functionality.

A20-Nexus Go Product Features:

  • Four-channel true-diversity receivers in a half-rack size (8.0” x 6.6” x 1.6” / 20.3cm x 16.8cm x 4.1cm).
  • Expandable to six or eight channels via A20-Nexus Go 2-Channel Expansion Licenses.
  • 169 MHz – 1525 MHz tuning range via SpectraBand Technology.
  • NexLink: integrated, long-distance remote control of all wireless transmitters, including group power on/off.
  • AutoAssign: automatic deployment of clean frequencies in seconds.
  • Integrated Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) and scanning for intuitive frequency coordination.
  • Flexible powering: via DC input, 8-Series, or AC mains (with optional adapter).
  • DB-25 connector for eight channels of mic, line or AES outputs.
  • Wide, 6.2” color OLED array with touch for control and monitoring.
  • A20-QuickDock allows docking and undocking in seconds from 8-Series mixer-recorders with no tools or additional hardware.
  • Supports GainForward Architecture: No gain setting on the A20 transmitter. Adjust gain at the receiver or mixer.
  • 100% digital long-range modulation delivers the longest transmission distance of any digital system on the market.
  • RF SAW filters for excellent rejection of interference from nearby IFB or camera hop transmitters.
  • Excellent audio quality, full 10 Hz – 20 kHz audio bandwidth.
  • BNC timecode input for auto timecode sync of transmitters over NexLink.
  • Front panel and rear panel BNC antenna inputs. Compatible with passive and bias-powered antennas
  • Supports control of the Wisycom LFA smart antenna.
  • Cascade out option on rear BNCs for cascading multiple A20-Nexus Go units.
  • USB-A port for thumb drives, keyboards, transmitter pairing and timecode syncing. Supports USB hubs.
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The A20-TX digital wireless transmitter utilizes a combination of technologies and intuitive compatibility to make it a versatile, easily adaptable digital wireless transmitter. Built to offer a wider range of input compatibility than any other transmitter on the market, A20-TX serves equally well with 2- or 3-wire lavs, dynamic and phantom-powered microphones, balanced line-level sources, AES digital mics, and musical instruments. A20-TX utilizes the same high headroom mic preamp from Sound Devices’ 8-Series mixer-recorders — an industry first in a digital wireless transmitter — thus guaranteeing sonic purity with a minimum of noise. Multiple A20-TX transmitters can be controlled remotely by Astral-series wireless receivers utilizing Sound Devices’ long-range NexLink remote wireless control technology, and gain can be adjusted directly from the receiver using GainForward. Ensuring long-term ease of use, A20-TX has a 12-hour battery life and is compatible with both standard and rechargeable AA batteries.


A20-TX Product Features:

  • Worldwide VHF and UHF tuning range from 169 MHz-1525 MHz.
  • Up to 12 hours battery runtime.
  • Eco-friendly operation from rechargeable Lithium batteries or from standard AA batteries.
  • Built-in battery charger via USB-C.
  • Full remote control of the A20-TX via A20-Remote companion app and from A20-Nexus and A20-Nexus Go via long-range NexLink.
  • State-of-the-art 100% digital long-range modulation delivers the longest transmission distance of any system on the market.
  • RF Power output from 2 mW to 40 mW.
  • Lemo input supports 2-wire or 3-wire mono lav, balanced mic, switchable 12, 48V phantom, balanced line-level, AES3, AES42 (compatible with Schoeps SuperCMIT), and guitar (w/ optional Smart Guitar Cable).
  • GainForward Architecture – no gain control to worry about on the A20-TX.
  • Full 10 Hz – 20 kHz audio bandwidth.
  • 8-Series, fully balanced mic preamp built in (140 dB dynamic range).
  • Ultra-quiet lavalier mic preamp (134 dB dynamic range).
  • Built-in 32-bit float, 48 kHz recorder with removable micro-SD card.
  • Ultra-stable timecode built in, auto-jammed via wireless NexLink.
  • Sunlight-readable ePaper screen for control and display. Display persists when powered off.
  • USB-C for pairing with the A20-Nexus, file offload, charging, and timecode jamming.
  • A20-TX Switch: Optional user-programmable bayonet switch, magnetically sensed and physically removable.