Sound Control Technologies to Show RemoteCam3X at ISE

rc3x-0114Did you know that it’s possible to remotely locate videoconferencing cameras — including video, control, audio and VISCA Loop — up to 100 meters from the VTC codec?

Well, thanks to Sound Control Technologies and its new RemoteCam3X, you can put a VTC camera anywhere you want one. Using standard low resistance UTP wire, the RC3x can send camera video, power, control and IR (both directions) to and from a Codec so that room design isn’t determined by where the camera “must” be placed.

The RemoteCam3X Camera extension kits are pre-bundled to allow digital high definition PTZ cameras to fit into any presentation space by sending the following over two standard Cat5e or Cat6 cables up to 100 meters:

  • Camera power
  • Digital video
  • Camera control and VISCA control loop
  • Wired and modulated IR from the camera (with supported IR output)

Sound Control says that standard low resistance UTP is used, eliminating the need for low-skew or no-skew cable to further help control cost (e.g., Standard UTP-568A or UTP-568B wiring). Traditional UTP cable testers can be used to check all wiring prior to connecting up the RC3 electronics.

Here are all the product details.

Here’s a podcast recorded with Sound Control president David Neaderland about the company’s ISE presence and the RC3X.