InfoComm Spotlight: Sound Control Technologies to Demo RemoteCam3 with New Cisco Line

soundcontrol-0613Sound Control Technologies is one of those “glue” manufacturers that specializes in solving connectivity issues with remotely locating VTC cameras away from its accompanying CODECs — for both Polycom and Cisco. And, the company’s RemoteCam 2 and RemoteCam3 have become the industry defacto “standard” for accomplishing this. Both allow you to remotely located a VTC (PTZ) camera up to 400 feet or so away from the CODEC but they don’t just convert video to Cat5e or Cat6 — they do much more than that. And, that’s the beauty of what Sound Control Technologies does, to be honest.

Because the RemoteCam2 and RemoteCam3 route everything (video, control, audio and power) through the connected Cat5e or Cat6  UTP cable, they are not just products, they’re problem solvers. And, they’re packaged with everything you need to either Cisco or Polycom solutions — you specify which system you’re using.

So, what’s the difference and what will they be doing at InfoComm (in booth 1755) this year? Listen to today’s Daily rANts and rAVes and you’ll know everything you need to know, and, if you’re not already a dealer, you should be. Sound Control is here.