Sophatar announces integrations for “POS Signage” with Star and Epson POS receipt printers; live demos at DSE

San Jose, CA March 23 2018 — Sophatar ‘POS Signage’ is a software subscription service that automatically creates contextual digital signage based on data analysis of sales transactions captured at the point-of-sale. The service was launched in January 2018 based on sales data retrieved from Star-Micronics POS receipt printers.

Now, 2 months later, Sophatar announces a similar integration with Epson receipt printers. Live demos with both Epson and Star will be on display at Sophatar’s booth at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE), March 28-29 in Las Vegas.

Sophatar POS signage is available as a software subscription. A hardware/software bundle with Star printers is now available through the BlueStar reseller network with optional hardware financing for the retailer. Click here for more info.

“Traditionally digital signage has been a static playlist, just another TV screen. We make digital signage contextual so it becomes relevant. We give shoppers in brick & mortar stores, or visitors to a hospitality business, a similar experience as what they have become used to online: dynamic product recommendations based on sales patterns and other factors. Research shows that shopper basket size can increase up to 35% when customers are being reminded of other products sold at a store.” says Bart DeCanne, Sophatar’s founder.
He continues:

“We decided to do our first integrations with receipt printers. While there are hundreds of POS software solutions out there, there are only a few printer hardware manufacturers that dominate the retail and hospitality markets. And we now have integrations with the two market leaders. This gives us immediate ability to scale. The result is that we can offer a state-of-the-art contextual digital signage solution at a very affordable subscription price without upfront costs that others need to charge since they have to do one-off integrations with each POS, we don’t!”
Sophatar’s POS signage combines web, digital signage and data analytics technologies and is hardware agnostic. It can play from any device with an embedded web browser such as a PC or tablet, or from a dedicated signage media player connected to a digital display, or from a display with integrated media player.

David Salisbury, product development director at Star-Micronics, says:

“Providing solutions other than POS and payment should be VERY high on the list for a reseller to deliver. Sophatar digital signage delivers revenue to the reseller from hardware supply & installation, in addition to the actual service and upgrades. The fact that it is 100% POS agnostic allows a reseller to supply Sophatar irrespective of the POS the retailer is using. Star is proud to be a supplier of the data for the AI engine that is unique to the Sophatar solution.”
Also at DSE, Sophatar will show its solution for “mobile customer engagement” which provides location-enabled mobile digital coupons and loyalty and does not require a mobile app, thus eliminating a significant barrier to customer adoption. These coupons can then be promoted to shoppers on the ‘POS signage’ as well.

Finally you can see our patented solution for proximity digital signage, where consumers near a digital signage screen can use their own phone as a remote control, without having to connect to Wi-Fi, or pair their phones.

We hope to meet you at Sophatar booth#1954 on March 28-29 at the Digital Signage Expo in the Las Vegas Convention Center.