Sony’s VPL-VW70 Ships

Sony VPL70 0409

Sony-VPL70_0409Sony’s new flagship home theater projector (since there are rumors everywhere that they’re about to dump the overpriced VW200) is shipping, the VPL-VW70.  Like its predecessors, the VW70 has two HDMI ports, a component video port and a few other useless ports for stuff no one uses any more in a home theater, but one thing is for sure: this projector is ahead of the pack in performance.  The 1080p native, $8000, SXRD (reflective LCD) based projector is capable of producing a 60,000:1 contrast ratio and colorimetry that is second to none in LCD today – but, it’s only 800-ANSI lumens: so install it in a windowless room!

If you want to learn more about the VW70, go here.