Sony Takes Aim at Barco WeConnect With New Vision Exchange – But Sony’s Adds Streaming Video

Sony is attempting to take marketshare from Barco’s WeConnect. Their new Vision Exchange is marketed using all the same buzzwords that every BYOD, collaborative systems does in coding all the wireless jargon. For example, this: “Vision Exchange brings together students, lecturers and presenters in a dynamic workgroup-based environment that encourages creative discussion and knowledge exchange.” PR-speak.

Basically, it’s a box that you can connect to (wired or wireless) that allows for two displays to be connected and, like EVERY BYOD system, allows for a main display and a second display with multiple screens, simultaneously — up to four. But one unique feature is a streaming output — more on that later.

Of course, Sony attempted to trademark their version last year with this filing, describing it as this: “An interactive multimedia telecommunication devices and apparatus; Interactive multimedia telecommunication devices and apparatus for use in classes, seminars and meetings; Interactive multimedia telecommunication devices and apparatus for transmitting, delivering; receiving and sharing sound, image and video files; tablet computers: computers; smartphones; apparatus for transmission of communication; transmitting and receiving apparatus for long-distance transmission; Transmitting and receiving apparatus for sound, images and video for use in classes, seminars and meetings.”

Sound familiar?

In Sony’s case, there are no buttons — all connectivity is via wireless LAN OR an HDMI cable. You pick. One unique feature of the Sony solution is that it includes streaming video across the Internet. So, this allows for someone remote (and not collaborating) to connect or watch via a streaming version over a browser.

The only other thing that should be point out out that’s a difference is that they’ve integrated the ability to use it for videoconferencing as well — however, that’s an option.

In any case, it’s their first attempt at competing with Barco’s ClickShare. More details to come after we actually see it in Amsterdam at ISE — it won’t ship until after InfoComm, by the way. Here are the only details Sony has on it.