Sony and UbiCast Join Forces

Sony and lecture capture solution provider UbiCast have announced the launch of Miris Netcapture software and Miris Video Platform. The new network-based lecture capture solution integrates with Vision Exchange, Sony’s active learning and interactive lecture solution.

While Sony’s Vision Exchange allows students and teachers to share and annotate content wirelessly from their laptop, smartphone or tablet devices to the front of a classroom, Miris Netcapture records the streamed content from Vision Exchange and transfers it to UbiCast’s Miris Video Platform, for editing, managing and distributing the video content through a video player dedicated to social learning. This network-based content capture solution removes the need for each room or lecture hall to be equipped with their own recording device. Instead, Miris Netcapture will simply be permanently located in the server room and dynamically capture the required classroom.

By centralizing content capturing and using Miris Netcapture, universities will be able to dramatically increase the number of classrooms that are capable of cutting-edge lecture capture for their students, unlocking greater scalability at a much lower budget than before. Meanwhile, for AV managers, centralizing the capture solution reduces the need for time-intensive hardware checks throughout a building, and also reduces the risk of hardware failure. With ongoing software updates, the solution will become more feature-rich and powerful over time.

With the ability to capture high-definition recordings from up to six different video/audio sources simultaneously, Miris Netcapture also offers a highly flexible and future-proof solution. Teachers are able to capture a recording of the presentation they are delivering, as well as simultaneous video of themselves delivering the lesson, and student’s questions and reactions. By capturing a truly holistic representation of a practical teaching environment, Miris Netcapture vastly improves the future value of the lesson capture for students and teachers alike, compared to a traditional, single-camera video capture.

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Captured content is then edited and published through UbiCast’s powerful Miris Video Platform, which is compatible with all LTI-compliant LMS platforms and provides the ability to add interactivity to a recording. For example, a teacher can add a poll within the video to encourage student engagement or add a quiz at the end to check student understanding. All the characters within the slide content can also be indexed for searchability, so students can quickly get up to speed on something they missed or would like to revisit. Students are also able to add comments, private notes, ask questions and share links or files to further enrich the conversation and increase peer-group collaborating.

Here are more details on the Sony Vision Exchange product.