Sony Shows 4K OLED — But, Don’t Take A Pic!

sony4koled-0613I took a picture of the new Sony 4K OLED display at the Sony booth and you’d have thought I had tried to steal something. Someone from Sony Japan quickly come over to me and asked me to delete my photo as they weren’t allowing any pics to be taken of the super-secret 55″ OLED-based 4K (4096 x 2160) monitor. But, I escaped without harm.

The OLED was certainly stunning (though, erm, not the 4K part — it was noisy and only displaying 30 Hz), but the quality of the OLED imaging was impressive. I look forward to finally seeing large-format OLED displays — so far, OLED has been relegated to small smartphone screens and watches. The form factor was tough to see as it was housed in a totally dark tunnel-like portion of the Sony booth, but it seemed to have a very small bezel. But, only time will tell if this technology can make it to market.

Sony Professional is here.