Sony Ships 4K Resolution Blu-ray Player

Dubbed the BDP-S790, Sony’s latest Blu-ray player is a 4096×2048 (4K) player capable of upscaling content to 4K resolution or even displaying native content (via Internet streaming) at 4K resolution.

Built-in Wi-Fi for streaming, a dual core processor, Blu-ray Disc playback (including 2D to 3D conversion), 4K upscaling, two HDMI outputs, Skype capability, 16-bit video processing and IP noise reduction (which Sony claims improves internet video playback) are all features touted by this $250 Blu-ray. In addition to all the HD standards, it’s also capable of 24p output and other aspect ratios. This way you can duplicate all the film aspect ratios or convert all content to 16:9 format and even convert 24p to 60Hz for completely flicker-free movie watching.

Here are all the specs: