Sony Releases Blu-ray Remote for the iPhone – It’s an App

Blu ray remote 0210

Designed by Sonoran, Sony’s Blu-ray disc player iBlu-ray-remote-0210Phone App is designed for all current and future generation Blu-ray players from Sony (including the PS3). It’s a typical touch screen as it has both a fully-functional (translation: way, way too many buttons) remote OR you can use it multi-touch and swipe style like the iPhone or iPod Touch.  But, what’s really cool is it streams back at the iPhone/iPod Touch the disc’s information, including image, location, actor bios, time code, etc.  You can also use it to jump to the beginning of a disc whenever you see the “LOADING…” and it seems to want to stay there as well as skip all the Blu-ray crap commercials you don’t want to watch!

It’s free and you can get it here: