Sony Professional Display Line Expands Digital Signage Usage and Functionality resizeimage 2 3With the introduction of the BZ35J and BZ30J series of 4K HDR BRAVIA Professional Displays, Sony continues to expand its digital signage and presentation display lineup. Building on the previously announced 32-inch FW-32BZ30J model, the new options range in size from 43 to 75 inches to accommodate corporate and education environments of varying sizes. Sony says the displays are ideal for applications such as large and small conference rooms and lecture halls. The full lineup of BRAVIA Professional Displays is available in sizes ranging from 32 to 100 inches.

The new BRAVIA Professional Displays incorporate Pro Mode, enabling users to easily customize settings to suit different behaviors, based on applications and environments. One Step Setting allows for quick optimization at the touch of a button. IP control allows for easy installation and integration through support from key partners. The latest displays’ mirroring capabilities provide exceptional connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and both Chromecast built-in and Apple AirPlay 2.

Both new BRAVIA professional series boast a powerful new System on a Chip (SoC) platform, with a built-in Android OS system, that offers an upgraded interface for efficient ease of use, fast boot-up and seamless application integration. The new displays are thoughtfully designed with a side logo and installation-friendly terminals to provide flexibility and meet the demands of the B2B market. They also feature the latest 4K HDR processor X1, which enhances color, contrast, clarity and motion to produce unrivaled pictures, as well as TRILUMINOS PRO technology to produce realistic imagery with a wide range of vivid colors.

The high-end BZ35J series, which achieves a high brightness of 560-570 nits with a refresh rate of 120Hz, includes:

  • FW-50BZ35J (50-inch)
  • FW-43BZ35J (43-inch)
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The mid-range BZ30J lineup, which achieves 440 nits brightness with a refresh rate of 60Hz, includes:

  • FW-75BZ30J (75-inch)
  • FW-65BZ30J (65-inch)
  • FW-55BZ30J (55-inch)
  • FW-50BZ30J (50-inch)
  • FW-43BZ30J (43-inch)