Sony Intros New HD Projector for Large Venue Applications

sony-vplfh35-0212Sony’s new VPL-FH35 replaces the FH30 model, adding a 5,200-ANSI lumen spec as well as a standard 1.6x zoom lens (1.39:1 to 2.23:1 throw ratio). The 3LCD VPL-FH35 is designed for large venue applications such as auditoriums, houses of worship and lecture halls and includes native 1920×1080 resolution LCDs with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. It uses Sony’s BrightEra technology that they say improves and helps to maintain color purity throughout the life of the system by protecting the LCD panels against harmful ultra violet light. It also features a 12-bit 3D Digital Gamma correction synchronized lamp and filter maintenance timing Eco Mode for energy savings.
Inputs include HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, with control offered through IR, Ethernet or RS232. The VPL-FH35 lists for $5,850 and specs can be found here: