Sony Integrates Kramer Control Inside Bravia BZ35F Displays

Kramer Electronics and Sony Electronics have announced the integration of the Kramer Control BRAINware system into Sony’s BZ35F series of BRAVIA 4KHDR displays. Kramer BRAINware is an software application that you to execute your room control actions straight from a KT-107 family touch panel, VIA Connect PLUS or KC-BRAINware-5/25/50 without installing a physical brain between the user interface and the controlled devices. Using the power of Kramer Control cloud-based control and space management platform, Kramer BRAINware enables your touch panel to operate multiple devices over Ethernet such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, Blu-ray players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks and lights.

Designed specifically for KT-107 family touch panels, VIA Connect PLUS and KC-BRAINware hardware platforms, Kramer BRAINware uses custom user interfaces configured in the Kramer Control Builder.

Sony’s BZ35F series of BRAVIA professional displays range from 43 to 85 inches, include network and serial communication control and are aimed at the digital signage, information and monitoring applications, as well as use in meeting rooms, classrooms, lobbies, hotel guest rooms, showrooms, retail spaces and more. The pro series features an all-in-one “system on a chip,” requiring no additional hardware. The displays also include integrated support for HTML5 and open API support.

Kramer’s new Control solution will be available for the following Sony BRAVIA BZ35F display models:

  • FW-43BZ35F (43-inch)
  • FW-49BZ35F (49-inch)
  • FW-55BZ35F (55-inch)
  • FW-65BZ35F (65-inch)
  • FW-75BZ35F (75-inch)
  • FW-85BZ35F (85-inch)

Here are the details.