Sony Launches Two Scalable New Series of Crystal LED Premium Displays

sony bh series ch series

Sony Electronics is launching two scalable new series of its Crystal LED premium displays series. The BH-series (ZRD-BH12D and ZRD-BH15D) and the CH-series (ZRD-CH12D and ZRD-CH15D) are designed for corporations, retail environments and screening rooms. Both new series will be available in a P1.2mm and P1.5mm pixel pitch and deliver the exceptional picture quality and accurate colors associated with Crystal LED, along with improved installation flexibility and power consumption — all at a lower cost.

The BH-series offers high brightness and a wide color gamut while the CH-series provides unmatched black levels, together giving customers versatile new options tailored to their needs and application, as well as budgets.

Sony’s Crystal LED technology is built upon unrivaled image quality. The BH-series has a high brightness of 1,700 cd/m2, which is more than double that of other high-end LED displays, while the CH-series offers 1,300 cd/m2 and a black level value that measures at approximately 1/10 of competitive LED displays.

The displays’ X1TM for Crystal LED image processor enhances content to ensure smooth imagery, crisp and accurate pictures and clear gradation without motion blur. This is a result of the processor’s built-in features; 22-bit Super Bit Mapping, Reality Creation and Motionflow.

Hero Application Image BH CH series

As a modular solution, customers can choose the size and resolution of the display. The BH- and CH-series feature super fine LEDs and a unique coating, to achieve a wide viewing angle without unnatural color shift. The new models come pre-assembled and calibrated to ensure a seamless appearance. A future firmware update will enable additional uniformity through auto color adjustment.

With a focus on installation flexibility, the new series’ cabinets are about 10% lighter and 10% thinner than the current model, making them even easier to integrate. They also use a dedicated display controller, ZRCT-300.

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Less on-site assembly of parts translates to an installation time that is approximately 20% faster than previous models. Using high-efficiency LED chips, power consumption is reduced by roughly 25%. Additionally, maintenance can be done from the front of the display, allowing for use in more scenarios. The Crystal LED BH- and CH- series are planned to be available in March 2023.

Both of them are here: