Sony Announces LMD-XH550MD Surgical Monitor


Sony announced the LMD-XH550MD, a 4K HDR 55-inch surgical monitor. Sony says the LMD-XH550MD is a medical-grade monitor with high peak brightness, high contrast ratio and wide color gamut and can display 4K HDR color video images in 2D. The company claims 4K imaging offers four times the resolution of full HD, providing greater detail suitable for use in hospital operating theaters, surgical centers and classrooms for education.

Sony says the LMD-XH550MD is equipped with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) large 55-inch screen and uses Sony’s Local Dimming Panel Technology that allows the monitor to achieve a peak brightness of more than 1,5000 cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The LMD-XH550MD is HDR capable when receiving the HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) signals, allowing the monitor to reproduce the images more realistically and in greater detail and capture the highlights and dark areas, according to Sony.

Sony claims the new model’s LCD panel and signal processing technology support a wide color gamut (which conforms to the ITU-R recommendation BT.2020), which allows for accurate color reproduction and realistic visualization. The LMD-XH550MD is also designed to minimize reflective glare even in brightly lit ORs, providing “clear, high-contrast” images for viewing experiences for surgeons.

Sony says the LMD-XH550MD uses Sony’s unique A.I.M.E. (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) technology that enhances the display image by adjusting the color, contrast and visibility of shadow areas for a more comfortable viewing. The new monitor has a clone-output connector feature that clones the image on display to a secondary display or external recorders, even with advanced settings like A.I.M.E. or PIP (Picture-in-picture). The resolution of the output image can be selected between 4K or HD, which can be up or downscaled at the user’s choice to adapt to the capability of the secondary display or recorder. There is now the choice of connecting a remote control, such as a footswitch via stereo mini, permitting hands-free menu switching.

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The LMD-XH550MD features a smooth surface and streamlined back design for users to easily wipe liquid and gels off the LCD panel, control buttons and the rear cover, ensuring a high standard of disinfection and cleanliness, according to Sony. To further the accessibility of the monitor, all connectors face downwards to ensure an “organized and seamless” cable connection.

The LMD-XH550MD will be available on Oct. 5, 2023.