Sony and LG Ship 4K HDTVs to Retailers

sony XBR 84X900 4K TV 1012

sony-XBR-84X900-4K-TV-1012Both Sony and LG have shipped their first generation 4K resolution (3840×216) HDTVs to retailers this week, so you’ll see them in Best Buy and others shortly. Both manufacturers shipped their 84″ version first. Hmm, coincidence? Or maybe they’re made on the exact same assembly line.

Sony’s, dubbed the XBR-84X900 and listing for $25,000, is network-enabled, integrated with Netflix streaming and up-converts all content input signals to 4K resolution. LG’s, dubbed the 84LM9600, lists for just under $20,000 and is 3D capable. It’s also networked-enabled but doesn’t have the same video processing as Sony’s.

So, sell your car to raise money to get one, or wait a year and they’ll be down to the $9,000 price range.

See Sony’s 4K TV here.