Sony Aims Crystal LED, Up to 16K Resolution, at High-End HomeAV Market

Sony Electronics today announced the availability of its Crystal LED display system for home installation. Having initially introduced the technology for use in commercial and entertainment venues, Sony Electronics now offers residential configurations and installation — up to 16K.

Crystal LED is available in the following configurations:

  • Full HD Size (18 Units): 110-inch diagonal @ 8 feet (W) x 4 feet (H)
  • 4K Size (72 Units): 220-inch diagonal @ 16 feet (W) x 9 feet (H)
  • 8K Size (288 Units): 440-inch diagonal @ 32 feet (W) x 18 feet (H)
  • 16K Size (576 Units): 790-inch diagonal @ 63 feet (W) x 18 feet (H)

Crystal LED for home installation is available through a select group of specially trained and certified Sony dealers. The product is supported by Sony’s  technical support team with additional design support resources, installation and maintenance on end-users’ applications provided by Sony Electronics, which will also offer custom installer Crystal LED service training, enabling them to remotely monitor and support displays after installation.

Sony’s Crystal LED direct view display system uses ultra-fine micro-LEDs measuring 0.003 mm² — half the width of a human hair — which are 100 times smaller than traditional LEDs.

Learn more in this quick video from CEDIA 2019:

Additional technical highlights:

  • HDR with high brightness (1,000 nits)
  • 10-bit grayscale
  • Precise color reproduction
  • Extraordinary color gamut – 140 percent of sRGB
  • High frame rates up to 120p
  • Nearly 180-degree viewing angle
  • Spectacular 3D
  • Non-standard aspect ratios
  • 99 percent black surface area for delivering high contrast and high resolution

Specs and images of the Crystal LED are here.