Sonus Faber and Maserati Unveil New GranTurismo Vehicle


Sonus faber is thrilled to announce the integration of its award-winning Sound system in Maserati’s new GranTurismo vehicle, a groundbreaking new product that is 100% electric, also offered in a traditional version with an internal combustion engine. Extending the winning partnership found in the sound integration of the Maserati MC20 Super Sports Car and Grecale fleet, both awarded with the EISA prize as the best in car audio system for the year, the brands remain bonded by their commitment to innovation to challenge the limits of performance. As with the previous
vehicles, an all-round sound experience is guaranteed through the iconic signature sound of the Maserati engine and
immersive natural sound of Sonus faber.

Developed at the Maserati Innovation Lab and produced at the Mirafiori manufacturing hub in Turin, the GranTurismo is completely made in Italy and epitomizes Italian luxury performance, a concept shared by Sonus faber and Maserati as the backbone of their partnership. Thanks to the studies that Maserati and Sonus faber did for the car cabin, the GranTurismo offers a natural surround sound experience, even in the electric version.

“For a car as iconic as GranTurismo, we decided to look at our most important technologies and tailor them for GT’s luxurious car cabin. We carefully selected the most appropriate technologies from our top in class collections to ensure clarity, performance and fatigue-free sound. In addition, the tuning process was conducted in order to maintain the same high-quality standards through precise measurements and phase coherent philosophy that returns an acoustic scenario with three dimensional sound perception. I’m confident that thanks to the hard work done in collaboration with Maserati team, all the GranTurismo customers will have a truly live performance experience with our distinctive Natural Sound,” said Mario Passarelli, Head of R&D.

Sonus faber is distinctively featured in 2 audio systems for the GT, the Premium (offered as standard in every GT) and High Premium (optional) Sonus faber sound system, both proudly designed and engineered in Italy. Built with the finest natural materials, the systems include the brand’s signature silk dome tweeters and paper cone midranges, resulting in smooth frequency response and detailed sound stage, enabled by independently driven speakers. The dynamic range of each system is delivered by a high-power Class-D Dual DSP amplifier with an oversized power supply.

• PREMIUM AUDIO SYSTEM boasts 860 watts of power through 14 speakers – Standard
• HIGH PREMIUM AUDIO SYSTEM offers 1195 watts of power utilizing 19 speakers – Optional

Maintaining the famous Italian craftmanship of Sonus faber, and as we did for every Sonus faber system, our artisan of the sound adjusts the final voicing of the audio system by ear, ensuring consistent emotional and quality listening experience for the customer that is aligned with the brand’s performance standard. The natural sound is finally obtained optimizing the phase and amplitude alignment between the midrange and tweeter; a technical solution that celebrate the brand design philosophy found in our legendary loudspeakers. The live performance experience will bring the Maserati owner into a new level of Sound, also in a total silent cabin.