Sonoran Video Systems Introduces Coyote Playback Servers

Sonoran Video Systems is introducing two new broadcast-quality video playback solutions — the Coyote Q3G and the Coyote S12G playback servers. The Coyote Playback Servers feature four 3G SDI outputs that can be configured as independent, spanned, sync roll or UHD playback. The S12G model also has the ability to be configured for a single 12G output. Each Coyote also has a dedicated HDMI multi-view output for a local operator monitor.

The Coyote Playback Servers are uniquely positioned between playback software and media servers. Playback software lacks professional hardware support, and struggles to meet the high demands of todays live show environments with multiple-screen sync rolls, for example.

The Coyote Playback Server is controlled using a free client software, called Coyote Control, a software application for Windows or Mac. Drag-and-drop functionality with preset based software allows for playback and you can select from pre-made preset layouts and the math is done automatically.

Ingesting assets is simple; videos, still images, and audio files may be ingested from the 3.1 USB or the 2.5” SSD Drive on the front panel, onto the internal M.2 NVMe storage. Both Coyote models have three options for internal storage — 512Gb, 1T and 2T solid state storage.

The Coyote can also be controlled externally using UDP/TCP commands, with any third-party controller. The Coyote is compatible with Christie Spyder, Barco E2, and any professional switcher with SDI inputs. There are four network ports, two 1 Gb/s for control and audio and two 10 Gb/s ports designed for asset transfer and future ready for video over IP. Audio outputs include analog XLR balanced stereo, Dante Ethernet and SDI embedded up to 16 channels.

Built as an all-in-one playback solution the Coyote is priced at $11,999 for the Coyote Q3G and $13,499 for the Coyote S12G model and all the specs are here.