Sonance Ships In-Wall Speakers Aimed at ProAV Market

sonance-is2-angle-1112Sonance is aiming to capture some of the ProAV in-wall speaker market with the IS4 C, a seamless, in-wall speaker with a built-in 70-volt and 100-volt autoformer. Using a 4-sq. inch tweeter, a 17-sq. inch mid-range and a 113-sq. inch woofer, the ISC 4 is specified with a 40 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response. It can be tapped from 0.5 watts to 32 watts or used as an 8 ohm speaker in by-pass mode, handling up to a 100-watt input.

The speakers are made to be integrated into drywall so that, when installed, they are totally invisible, appearing to be part of the drywall itself. Each speaker measures 16″ wide by 25″ high by 4″ deep.

You can see all the specs here.