Sommer Introduces New HQ-HDMI 4K Cable at InfoComm

Sommer_HQHD_400px-0516Sommer Cable will go to InfoComm to launch its HQ-HDMI cable that claims to be UHD video and multi-channel HD audio data capable. With a maximum bandwidth spec of 18 Gbit/s, it’s spec’d to handle 4K resolutions up to 4096×2160 pixels, including the data transfer rates required by HDR. The audio return channel (ARC) allows both the reception and transmission of audio signals. Also included is an Ethernet function with a 100 Mbit/s data rate.

Sommer Cable has also integrated the protocol into their HDMI cables to enable a universal remote control of all devices connected via HDMI. All HDMI cables are equipped with robust HICON connectors and available in any length between 1.6 feet and 50 feet The HDMI connectors, bulk cable and a matching crimping toolkit are offered for custom cable production and field installations/repairs.

The company will be in booth C11918, and its website is here.