Somfy Introduces SDN Power over Ethernet Gateway

Somfy Systems is launching the SDN Power over Ethernet (PoE) Gateway. The SDN PoE Gateway is a low-voltage power distribution and network-connected module that utilizes 60-watt PoE technology to power and control the Somfy 24V RS485 motorization offer for interior shades and draperies.

The compact SDN PoE Gateway is capable of powering single or multiple motors, delivering up to 51 watts of power and Ethernet-based connectivity. The SDN PoE Gateway is powered and connected via standard Cat 5e/6 UTP cable and controls SDN motors. It works with all IEEE 802.3 (af, at and bt) protocols and is compliant with Cisco UPoE.

The device also supports both Somfy Synergy API and CoAP Digital Building API. Compatible with the Molex Transcend Control System, the SDN PoE Gateway distributes power and data to Somfy-powered shade and drapery motors.

Automating window coverings protects homes from UV light, saves energy, maintains privacy and adds to the comfort and convenience of everyday living. With a variety of controls and integration devices, Somfy provides a shading solution for every home.

Here are all the specs.