Somfy Adds Voice Control for Motorized Window Coverings with Amazon Alexa

Somfy Systems has introduced voice control of motorized window coverings. Now that the myLink is Alexa-enabled you can control your connected products with voice commands. Raise or lower your shades, exterior screens, or rolling shutters, open or close your blinds or draperies and extend or retract your awnings anytime with simple, natural phrases.

Somfy’s new Amazon Alexa skill allows for voice control of all Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motorized products controlled by the myLink app, as well as scenes and schedules. A wide range of natural language commands makes controlling your motorized products intuitive. For example, open your living room shades by saying, “Alexa, tell myLink to raise living room shades.”

Scenes and schedules set up in your myLink app are also easy to control with natural, easy-to-recall phrases. If you create a morning scene simply say, “Alexa, tell myLink to play Good Morning scene,” and your shades will let in the morning sun. Or say, “Alexa, ask myLink to enable Goodnight schedule,” and enjoy worry-free automation.

In addition, Somfy has enhanced the myLink hub with firmware updates, a sleek new design, and improved performance. The Amazon Alexa skill will work with both current and legacy myLink hardware.

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