SolidDrive Releases New 16-inch Drywall Bracket Assembly

SolidDrive on center drywall bracket

SolidDrive released a 16” on-center drywall bracket assembly to simplify rear-side installations with drywall. Designed for situations in which access to the front side of the wall is limited, the SD1-BR16-R drywall bracket offers a solution for installing SolidDrive products via a rear-side access wall. A patented balanced cantilever spring brackets allow the SolidDrive SD-1 to be installed behind drywall and eliminate stress on the bond by “perfectly balancing the SD-1, thereby eliminating torque and applying just the right amount of pressure against the drywall,” according to SolidDrive.

soliddrive on-center drywall assembly

The company says the SD-1 can be attached to drywall, tables and similar surfaces using the patented cantilever spring mounting bracket or the newly introduced rear-install drywall bracket. The SolidDrive utilizes patent-pending dual-voice coil technology in an aluminum enclosure to transfer acoustic energy to any substrate with very high-powered neodymium magnets and dual symmetrically opposed motors to convert audio signals into vibrations. Those vibrations are transferred into solid surfaces through direct contact. High-quality, full-range sound is then radiated from the entire surface. The symmetrically opposed neodymium magnets and specifically engineered mounting hardware result in hidden planar-source acoustics. The result is “acoustical uniformity throughout the listening space.”

SolidDrive also offers models that are optimized for glass or wood in addition to drywall.