Solid State Logic Debuts SSL 360° Link Plug-in Software

Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic debuted its SSL 360° Link plug-in software enabling its UC1 surface to control any third-party plug-in, bringing control of any plug-in within its SSL 360° software environment and ‘virtual console’ hybrid workflow.

The company says the software/hardware combination of UC1 plug-in controller and SSL 360° software is the result of decades of console design expertise, providing a “knob-per-function” plug-in control and visual feedback for users. Now, with SSL 360° Link Plug-in, the company says users have even greater control over sonic flavors by accessing a much broader palette of plug-ins, providing an “almost infinite” range of creative options when producing and mixing music.

Here’s a video on how it works:

Solid State Logic says any third-party plug-ins mapped via 360° Link become visible in the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer (also controllable from SSL’s UF1 and UF8 control surfaces) alongside SSL’s 4K E, 4K B and CS2 channel strips – resulting in an even deeper integration into a virtual SSL console workflow.

The company says the SSL 360° Link comes with a selection of customizable factory maps for popular SSL channel strip plug-ins from the likes of Slate Digital, Harrison Audio, Universal Audio, Waves and Brainworx. While UC1 is optimized for a typical channel strip layout, any plug-in can be quickly mapped using the user-friendly mapping tool, according to Solid State Logic.

The SSL 360° Link Plug-in is a free-of-charge download and will be available in AAX Native/AU/VST3/VST formats via the Solid State Logic website in early March. Third-party ‘hosted’ plug-ins must be in VST3 format.