It’s Social Marketing: Picture Perfect Posts

If you’ve had the chance to browse through some Instagram posts, you’ll notice that not all pictures look exactly the same. Some photos look like they might have been altered a smidgen, as if someone has used Photoshop to edit its appearance.

These photos have been edited, yes, but not with a special app. It’s all Instagram.

Screenshot 2015-09-22 14.50.56

The app itself lets users filter photos before uploading them to their profiles. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1:

Choose the photo. Recall that you can do this either by taking a picture or video while the application is open or you can choose a picture or video already already stored to your phone’s library. Note: This requires you to give Instagram access to your photo library.

Step 2:

Crop the photo. You can do this by simply moving the picture within the frame provided. You’ll notice you can zoom in or out depending on how you want to crop the picture. Once you’re satisfied, hit the “NEXT” tab in the upper righthand corner.

Step 3:

Filter the photo. This is where you can alter the photo with filters. You can change the appearance of the photo by choosing a filter, altering the brightness, editing shadows, etc. This will all be found underneath the picture within the “Filters,” “Lux,” and “Tools” icons.

Step 4:

Caption the photo. What do you want your followers to know about the photo you’re about to post? Keep it short and simple; you want people to focus on the photo! Feel free to add hashtags (sound familiar?) if you want people to explore other posts that deal with your post, too!

Step 5: 

Add a location to your photo. If your location services are enabled on your phone then you will be able to add a location to your post. This is optional, but it is encouraged if the content you are posting is relevant to the place which you’re currently located.

Step 6:

Tag people in your photo. You’ll notice right under the area where you wrote your caption that there is an option to tag people. This is similar to a mention on Twitter; you can let people (or other industries, products, followers, etc.) know that you’ve featured them in your photo. It will notify the user whom you’ve tagged as soon as you post the photo.

Step 7:

SHARE! This is the easiest part of the whole process. By clicking the “share” button, you are uploading the photo to your Instagram account for your followers to see. Additionally, you’ll notice that you have the option to select other social mediums (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr…) to share your content with. Note: This requires you to link these accounts and give Instagram permission to post your photo to those mediums.