It’s Social Marketing: Facebook to Consumer

Facebook is all about making connections — between friends, family, businesses, etc.

Any business will include making a connection with its target audience as a priority in its marketing efforts. Whether it be through direct marketing, newspaper advertising, phone calls or even word-of-mouth, that connection is key to getting a message across.

So back to Facebook. Connections. Marketing. Consumers.

I”m sure the process seems logical now. Facebook is the golden key in connecting a business to a target audience; the only problem, now, is how to actually get consumers to interact with a business’s Facebook page.

So, first step:

Do you have a Facebook Business Page?

There is a difference in having a personal Facebook profile versus a Facebook business page. Facebook only allows advertisements to be made from an official business page, thus it is necessary for your business to have one if you’re interested in advertising. Your personal profile, however professional it may be, just won’t work for this.

This is an opportunity to showcase that online brand or persona we’ve talked about in other social mediums. Before a consumer even considers the product or advertisement, they’ll most likely consider the marketer behind the ad. If your business or industry is not well known but looking to connect with consumers on Facebook, your Facebook business page is where they’ll look first to decide if they do, in fact, want to form that relationship.

Creating a business page is simple.

You’ll be asked to choose what type of page pertains to your business:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

You’ll then add more specific information about your business, including any relevant links. Notice in the example below that you have the opportunity to give a brief description of your business — keep it short and simple, but also remember this could be the consumer’s first impression of your brand! Additionally, your Facebook web address should be consistent with any other social media platforms connected with your business.

Business Page

Almost done.

The only thing left to do now as far as creating your business page is to add a photo. Make sure to choose something that makes your business easily identifiable and is consistent with other social media accounts (hopefully, this is your logo).

The final step is advertising. Facebook even prompts you to begin advertising your business before completely finishing the setup. For now, it’s okay to skip this section. Later posts will deal directly with the steps to creating an advertisement, but first I’ll be covering exactly what it even means to “advertise” on Facebook.