It’s Social Marketing: Facebook Advertisements

Advertisements are everywhere.

Flyers. Billboards. Mail. Email. Television. Broadcast. Radio.

Brands and companies alike are trying to get the attention of their consumers in any way possible, and with the growth of social media, they’re finding yet another way to do this: social marketing.

Facebook advertising is a great example of this. As mentioned in previous posts, it’s an effective way for companies to connect with their consumers. Once those relationships are made, an online connection between the marketer and the consumer makes it simple (if done correctly) to advertise.

Facebook Advertisements

A Facebook advertisement is just like any other advertisement in that it’s purpose is some type of call to action: “Like” this page, visit this website, purchase this item, share this post, etc. It allows you to choose who you you want to target and to what extent you want to engage with them through the advertisement. Additionally, it tracks your results so you can see just how effective (or ineffective) the ad is.

Facebook divides its advertising process into four parts:

Facebook Ad Steps

Since you’ve already created your business page, determining the call to action for the advertisement will be the second step in the process

What do you want your consumers to do with this advertisement? What purpose does it serve? Who are you trying to reach within your target audience? Asking these questions can help you determine what sort of advertisement you need to create and market via your business page.