It’s Social Marketing — A Blog Series

Hello, readers!

My name is Kayla Blevins, and I’m a senior public relations major at the UNC School of Media and Journalism. After taking Gary Kayye’s “New Media Technology and Its Impact on the Future of Advertising, Marketing & PR” and “Branding of Me” classes last year, I’ve discovered my passion for writing and developed an interest in the ever-changing media industry, particularly in the area of social marketing.


The business world — especially the AV industry — has strong potential to incorporate social media into its everyday affairs… IF used correctly. Ever wondered what a hashtag is, or how to effectively use one? How can an Instagram post effectively market an idea or product? What is the difference between a Facebook status and a Facebook advertisement? Follow me during this blog series, “It’s Social Marketing,” to learn everything you need to know (and more) about being a successful social marketer in the industry.