Social AV Executives- Here’s a Quick Invite

I recently helped one of my friends and colleagues develop a presentation for his fellow executives. One of the criteria for this presentation was to explain the benefits of social media in a language that they can understand.  These executives aren’t unintelligent. They are heads of a successful and established AV integration company with one problem. Internally, there was some resistance to using social media for marketing, service or any type of company communication. I know, those of you who read rAVe are saying, “WHAT??!! How is that still possible?!”

So it seems that some executives in the AV industry really are still confused about what social media can do for their companies.  There have been many various discussions about this in our industry, and in many different industries. Ultimately, I believe (as do others) that a standard ROI is almost impossible to calculate. How do you put a price on discussions, engagement, strengthened networks, relationships, contacts?  Is it simply socializing?  Is it too time consuming? What do you get out of it?

So for the “old school” executives who are having trouble wrapping their heads around this new fangled technology, I say this:

Remember when business was all about relationships? When cost was important to your clients but your interactions, responsiveness, service, loyalty and honesty meant more? When clients were clients and not simply customers?  Welcome home!!

Building relationships through social media, as impersonal as it may seem, is actually pulling you back to your roots. Those who are sincere relationship builders will excel.  Those who are dishonest, pitchy and slimey salesy will not.

So your immediate contacts may not need your services. Their contacts may. Through social media, your network will expand farther than ever! Your web is no longer bound by location, industry, profession or any other peer group.  It is as big as the world wide web…

So AV executives, embrace your roots. Come home.