SnapAV Re-Focuses on Distributor World By Buying Volutone

SnapAV acquired Volutone this week. Volutone adds seven branch locations — six in California and one in Las Vegas (and also serving Hawaii). SnapAV entered the home-tech marketplace 12-years ago counting on an eCommerce platform to be the differentiator. It worked. SnapAV started out selling cables, connectors, furniture and video projection screens but eventually started making speakers, amplifiers, switchers and HDMI gear.

The last 10-years have been heavily focused on the products they either make or buy from Chinese manufacturers and re-brand as “SnapAV” gear. But, this purchase of Volutone sends a signal that they are re-focusing on the distribution parts of their company. And, this gives them a California-based warehouse and shipping location – we expect this to become the new staging and shipping area for their Chinese-OEM products too.

Volutone supports more than 140 manufacturers and you can see them here.