SnapAV Adds Ecobee Smart Thermostats

snapav ecobee

SnapAV has added the ecobee smart thermostats, giving every SnapAV partner access to the product line. The newly available product line includes three smart thermostat models, sensors, junction box adapters and a power extender. SnapAV says this offers partners a solution that learns user habits to deliver enhanced comfort and cut energy costs by an average of 23 percent annually.

Ecobee’s ENERGY-STAR-certified thermostats can be programmed through the ecobee smartphone app and through leading smart home system interfaces, provide alerts on system health, push notifications for unexpected changes in temperature and room-specific monitoring through ecobee SmartSensors.

The ecobee mobile app offers users full mobile control of their home’s temperature whether they are lying in bed or on their way home from the airport. The ecobee3 lite Pro provides intelligent climate control that learns users’ preferences and suggests schedule changes, while the SmartThermostat Pro with voice control adds built-in Alexa and the ecobee EMS Si Thermostat is compatible with wired sensors for monitoring temperature in walk-in fridges and freezers.