SnapAV Brand Araknis Networks Adds 300 Series Control to OvrC App

araknis-0615Araknis Networks has announced that its 300-series switches line is enabled for the cloud-based OvrC app. OvrC (pronounced over-see) is an innovative cloud app designed to streamline the integrator’s life. Araknis Networks and OvrC are brand divisions of Charlotte-based SnapAV, a designer and manufacturer of more than 1,800 electronic home solutions for residential and commercial channels.

Araknis 300-series switches support 1Gbps on all ports simultaneously to provide powerful, reliable connectivity for conventional network devices — like PCs, Apple TVs, and other media products. The company’s web interface is simple to navigate, lets installers name individual ports for fast troubleshooting, allows customers to set up VLANs to isolate chatty devices, and enhances network performance from end to end.

OvrC enablement for these switches allows the integrator to power cycle individual PoE ports, change port speed and names, access the local GUI, get notifications, manage customers and devices, update firmware, and much more.

Araknis Networks switches are available for sale here.