Snap One Updates Monitoring and Notification System in OvrC Platform

Snap One Improves OvrC PlatformSnap One announced improvements and upgrades to the OvrC platform. Updates include improved monitoring accuracy and notifications to Pakedge BakPak migration into OvrC.

The updated notification engine can detect disconnected devices, resulting in an 80% reduction in email alerts to Partners. With the new protocols, a device is now listed as “Disconnected” only when OvrC cloud servers and the OvrC Pro Scanner show the device as disconnected. This more rigorous verification process increases the accuracy of alerts, while the event type (“connect”, “disconnect” and “limited”) is conveniently listed at the very top of the email.

The “limited” type is a new designation that denotes products that connect to OvrC servers that are disconnected from the OvrC cloud but still active on the local network. Partners can then access the local UI to resolve issues. A WattBox device is also now listed as “limited” if a port is shut down due to over-current events that can occur during installation.

The OvrC UI now groups events by device to enhance visibility into device issues and expedite action. The UI also features a new “reference ID” listing for each service interruption that can be marked “seen” to differentiate new notifications from older events. Additionally, a new full-width contact info page allows for one-click phone calls to customers from within the OvrC interface, while each project can utilize unique searchable Job Codes and local time zones.

Snap One has recently introduced OvrC Pro capabilities to Control4 EA and CA controllers with the release of OS 3.2.2, enabling any Control4 system to be fully monitored and managed through OvrC.