Snap One Debuts New Episode Radiance Outdoor Audio and Lighting System

CEDIA Story Snap One

Snap One just debuted the new Episode Radiance outdoor audio and lighting system with power audio and lighting through a single two-conductor wire. The Episode Radiance series includes a robust all-metal 70-volt outdoor bollard-style speaker and LED light module that can be attached to a speaker or mounted as a standalone lamp for both spot and flood lighting needs. The new line uses patent-pending ACE technology from Swarm (designed exclusively for Snap One) and is on display for the first time at CEDIA 2022 in Snap One Booth #16055.

The Episode Radiance MB-1 is where the magic happens. The MB-1 combines an audio signal from a 70-volt amplifier and lighting from an off-the-shelf lighting transformer onto a single two-conductor wire, such as Snap One’s direct burial wire products.

Snap One found that outdoor lighting and audio systems are often managed by different integrators that specialize in each type of system. The simplicity and compatibility of the a la carte Episode Radiance series enables integrators who currently focus on either lighting or audio to immediately expand to dual-installation with this unique solution and increase profits, installation efficiency and customer satisfaction. What’s more, customers who choose Episode Radiance can always add lighting or speakers to existing mounts in a later phase or expand the scalable system with entirely new mounts, lights and speakers.

The 10-inch, 8-ohm in-ground/above-ground Radiance Subwoofer forms the foundation of the sound signature, while the 3-inch bollard-style Radiance Speakers deliver 360-degree, full-range sound with stake, wall, surface and pendant mounts that enable placement anywhere. The simple wiring and sleek design of each Radiance product make it easier than ever to place speakers and lights exactly where desired rather than where they are convenient to mount. All Radiance Speakers and Radiance Speaker Blanks provide a consistent aesthetic and support Radiance Light Module attachments to deliver pathway, spot, yard, or wall wash light, enhancing safety, security and ambiance.

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Selectable 70-volt tap settings on the speakers allow for detailed tuning and balancing, enabling the individual to set the volume while the entire system is adjusted. Each Episode Radiance SKU is available in black or white powder-coated finishes to complement a wide variety of tastes and designs, and every product is built to last with a UV-protected finish and IP66 certification for superior protection against water and dust. The resilient all-metal construction and heightened environmental protection, paired with the twist-on design, ensures every built-like-a-tank Radiance product will perform reliably for years of outdoor enjoyment.

Power for the lighting modules can be supplied from any off-the-shelf low voltage transformer, which Snap One is currently stocking. Partners simply plug the lighting transformer into the MB-1, and routes the lighting signal down the same two-conductor wire as the audio signal. The patent-pending technology supplies distortion-free audio signals while delivering ample power for the lighting modules. Multiple LEDs in the light module will output up to 300 lumens and can be set for path lighting, spot lighting or both using a three-position switch. The simple cylinder shape of the speakers and lighting modules ensure a clean aesthetic and 360-degree audio and light dispersion.

The Episode Radiance series does not require any special control programming to operate, and automation systems communicate with the light transformer and audio electronics the same way they do today. The lighting and audio features are separate functions and can be independently controlled, including lighting timers.