SMART Technologies Unveils Enhancements to SMART kapp iQ in Education

smart-kapp-0416SMART Technologies announced today that they have updated their SMART kapp product family, SMART kapp iQ. The new SMART kapp iQ interactive flat panel is specifically designed to deliver an all-in-one classroom solution that provides educators with the flexibility to deliver lessons across a range of learning and instructional styles, including whole-class, small group and individual instruction.

SMART kapp iQ now offers educators simple, one-touch access to a full range of classroom applications, promising a fully integrated experience with student devices. Because all software is built right into the interactive display, both educators and students have seamless access to the applications they use every day, all without the need to physically connect to an external computer. kapp iQ can be mounted on a mobile floor stand, meaning the latest advancements facilitate the creation of flexible learning environments both within and outside of classrooms — it’s ready for collaboration anywhere, without the inconvenience of managing cables and hardware.

Features in the updated SMART kapp iQ include:

  • kapp iQ’s award-winning multi-way, multi-device whiteboarding capability
  • Built-in web browser
  • One-touch instant access to SMART amp cloud-based collaboration software, SMART lab game-based learning activity software (anticipated in August), and a SMART Notebook collaborative learning software viewer (anticipated in August)
  • Wi-Fi-based screencasting to easily share content from student devices (anticipated in August)
  • External PC access via HDMI and USB
  • Automatic over-the-air (OTA) software updates

SMART kapp iQ is available in three sizes. The 55″ model has a suggested education price in the United States of $3,999. The 65″ model has a suggested education price in the United States of $4,999. The 75″ model has a suggested education price in the United States of $6,999. Here are all the specs.