SMART Technologies’ New kapp App, Coming in March, Is All About Collaboration

smart-app-gary-0216Let me start by saying that you need to watch this video. Why? Well, I am going to explain how this works in this blog, but writing about it isn’t the same as seeing it!

SMART’s Frazier Couzens, director of room systems, takes me through a tour of how the company has updated the SMART kapp App to include more document collaboration — at no additional cost. Starting in March, with the App, you can grab content (via your smartphone) from a SMART kapp IQ and collaborate with it, simultaneously, on your phone (with the kapp IQ) and even send it to another SMART kapp IQ and collaborate at all sites — again, simultaneously.

The free SMART kapp App lets you share whatever you write, erase and scribble on your kapp in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world. Save your notes at any time. Send them to the team when you’re done. Or, share the content from one SMART kapp IQ to another, via the App.

OK, OK, I realize that might be hard to understand — by reading my writing, certainly! So, that’s why I shot a demo of exactly how it works. You should watch this — it’s very cool.