SMART Makes Five New Product Announcements at InfoComm

SMART Technologies announced two new interactive whiteboards, new interactive pen displays, an upgrade to Bridgit conferencing software and GoWire, an auto-launch cable.

The new interactive whiteboards are the SMART Board 6000i and 690. The 6000i combines the SMART whiteboard with a new Unifi projector with built-in audio. The projector mounts on the wall above the whiteboard so it stays out of the way of the presenter. It has Vikuiti Super Close Projection technology with XGA resolution so it gives a nice short throw distance. The 690 is the largest screen size available from SMART, with a 94-inch surface and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Sympodium UD350 and ID370 interactive pen displays let presenters touch the battery-free tethered pen to the LCD screen to launch and control applications on a SMART interactive whiteboard. The new models have a bezel-less writing surface, two high-speed USB hubs and the latest SMART Board software. The ID350 has a 15-inch display and the ID370 a 17-inch displays.

SMART’s Bridgit 3.1 conferencing software now lets Mac users participate in web conferences, and the GoWire auto-launch cable lets users get full access to SMART Board software without having to install the software on the computer. The GoWire is a software-enabled, USB cable that automatically launches the software upon connection to a computer.

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