SMART Shows New Line of Interactive Displays and Software

SMART Technologies has launched three new lines of interactive displays — all aimed at education. Two of the new panel series are integrated with their iQ. The new products are:

  • The SMART Board 7000 is a 4K resolution display with iQ technology that enables the display to act as the central hub of classrooms as well as meetings, room displays, software, content and personal devices into one experience. It also features HyPr Touch (Hybrid Precision Touch) writing performance and touch accuracy, as well as the ability to recognize commands from an array of different interactive tools. This display enables four users to write simultaneously in the pen color of their choice (Pen ID). SMART says the display can distinguish between different commands, allowing users to write with the pens, select content with their fingers and use their palms to erase (aka: Object awareness). It supports up to 16 simultaneous touch, writing and erase points for maximum ease of use. These are available in 75” and 86”.
  • The 4K resolution SMART Board 6000 series has had iQ technology added as a standard feature that allows for one-touch access to software and applications. The 6000 includes their Silktouch, Object awareness, Pen IDTM (supports two users writing simultaneously in the pen color of their choice), SMART ink, and are available in 65” and 75”.
  • The SMART Board 2000 series is a non-touch display integrated with wireless screen sharing. It’s also 4K resolution but i sonly available in 75”.
All SMART educational displays are optimized and include SMART Learning Suite software.

More information is here.