Smart-e Debuts HDMI Extenders and Splitters

smart-e-hdmi-splitter-0715Smart-e has launched a range of “cost effective” HDMI extenders and splitters that distribute signals over a single Cat6 cable, including some 4K signals. Starting at just £142 (approximately $222) for the 4K-700, a 3D compatible and HDCP compliant transmitter and receiver pair to extend HDMI, DVI or DP++, together with IR signals over a single 70-meter CAT5e-8 cable, the 4K-700. It uses HDBaseT Lite technology to extend 12 bit Deep Colour, 3D, 4K and 2K resolutions together with 1080p @60Hz. Other extenders in the family include: 4K-710, 4K-800 and 4K-810, which add RS232 and Ethernet capabilities up to 100 meters of cable.

In addition, they launched six HDMI/HDBaseT splitters starting at £178 for the 4K-TX720, just one of a collection of 4K compatible self-contained HDBaseT one input by multiple outputs capable of transmitting HDMI signals up to 4K UHD resolutions over 70 meters or 100 meters of Cat6 cable. The single HDMI input can be connected to the rear of the unit where it is split internally and fed to two outputs. Each HDBaseT connection also allows for IR signals to be received back from the receiver enabling remote control of the source device. Other splitters in the family include: 4K-TX740/780 and 4K-TX820/840/880 for two, four and eight outputs respectively which add RS232 pass-through and Ethernet capabilities up to 100m of cable.

Check out all the specs here.