Sixfive Series, a Division of Memphis Audio to Launch at CEDIA Expo in the Powerhouse Booth.

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SIXFIVE Series Audio will be in the Powerhouse booth #21079 at CEDIA 2022 in Dallas, TX. The name may not sound familiar to some, but SIXFIVE Series audio boasts a rich history with over 50 years of audio engineering to their name. SIXFIVE Series is a new division of the mobile audio legacy brand Memphis Audio. Memphis Audio was founded in 1965 with a passion for sound and audio performance. After decades of crafting some of the most impressive and innovative offerings in mobile, marine and powersports audio, the new line of SIXFIVE Series home audio was born. This line of premier speakers and subwoofers were engineered from the ground up to bring impressive performance and value to the home audio industry. “Our organization has always prided ourselves on providing performance and value to our customers, SIXFIVE SERIES audio will carry that same mentality into the home audio world. We are backed by the best warranty and service in the industry and have the technical and engineering expertise to create some of the most impressive performing speakers in their category. Once people experience the sound quality, ease of installation and ease of doing business that SIXFIVE Series represents, they will be a customer for life!” said Nick LoMonaco, President of SIXFIVE Audio.
SIXFIVE Series currently has two tiers of product offerings. V-Series is the premium line of speakers which boast the latest technology and most premium materials available. M-Series speakers are geared towards performance and pack all the impressive features needed to deliver an excellent listening experience in a more scaled down package. One common theme between both series of speakers is the integration of TurboMountTM Technology. TurbomountTM is the fastest and easiest mounting system on the market. With the simple flip of a switch the doglegs automatically deployed and adjust to the depth of the mounting surface in a single rapid motion allowing installers to save time, money and frustration during installations.
In addition to speakers, SIXFIVE Series also offers two head-turning tiers of subwoofers which carry the same familial branding as the speakers. V-Series subwoofers are powered enclosures with a sealed design and a small footprint to provide impressive bass in any environment. The M-Series is a performance powered subwoofer enclosure with a large port capable of producing amazing bass that users demand from their home audio system. M-Series subwoofers add an element of fun to their design with a selectable (on/off) blue led illuminated subwoofer and down firing ground lighting effects to set the mood in any listening environment.
Attendees at CEDIA 2022 can get an early look at this new line of SIXFIVE Series speakers and subwoofers at the Powerhouse Alliance booth #21079.