Six of the Coolest AV Installations of All Time

In the audio-visual field, the latest and greatest uses of technology and installations are most often those that create an immersive, true-to-life experience. The ones we’ll never forget are those that create a reality beyond our wildest imagination.

From sharks – so true-to-life that we fear we’ll be eaten – to stadium-size fantastical light displays; below are some of the coolest installations I’ve ever seen. Some examples are even inspired by the very things that amazed me and sparked my imagination when I was a child!

Sharp’s Full Room Display at CES 2011


From 4K to 8K, the resolution of displays at the past few years’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been truly awe-inspiring. What they haven’t done, however, is nearly encapsulated us in these displays quite like Samsung’s HDTV wall, ceiling, and floor exhibit at CES 2011. Add man-eating sharks to any large video wall and you certainly have yourself a display that will not be easily forgotten. I’m interested to see what type of video walls and exhibits we’ll see at this year’s CES with 8K and 94″ displays having been the center of attention last year.

Cablage’s 50 Display Video Wall

Functional and fantastic, the Cablage Expert’s installation featured above encompasses fifty 47″ displays for a 10 by 35 foot video wall. Weighing in at 2,200 lbs, the wall allows for the viewing of multiple games at once to appeal to fans of any sport. This bad boy is both a sports fanatic’s and digital signage fanatic’s dream.

Javier Lloret’s Interactive Rubik’s Cube Building


Though not the kind of installation we’re involved with on a daily basis, Javier Lloret’s interactive façade is definitely one of the coolest installations we’ve seen. Utilizing a 3D-printed cube connected to a digital wall via Bluetooth, his Puzzle Façade allowed folks to try their hand at a colossal Rubik’s cube. Who wouldn’t love a larger-than-life version of one of the most famous ‘toys’ on the planet?

U2’s Spaceship Stage from the 360 Tour


If you haven’t seen it (but I assume you couldn’t have missed it) this may be all you need to know: it’s compromised of 888 individual tiny LED screens, is seven stories tall, covers 3,800 square feet and weighs 60 tons. Just WOW.

The Avant/Garde Diaries Transmission LA: A/V Club, an installation of Ben Jones at the MoCA in LA.


Just because we design for function, doesn’t mean that we can’t be mesmerized by folks that get super-creative and utilize digital imagery for pure fun and entertainment. This one evokes the feeling that one is living within a video game. And, it’s certainly quite dizzying.

The Houston Dynamo’s Life Size Interactive Kiosk


Could any installation excite a child more about digital signage? I doubt it. This 3×3 wheeled video wall kiosk used at the Houston Dynamo’s stadium incorporates an Xbox gaming console to allow children to pretend they were playing whoever the Dynamo’s opponent is that day. Score!

What AV installs will you never forget? Tell us below!